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Newberry Volcano Photo Shoot
For Real. We were lucky ducks this summer and got to have a couple fun filled days, and a little photo shoot for our website in a volcano with some good friends. Newberry National Volcanic Monument is just south of Bend, OR and is an incredibly beautiful and natural wonder. With numerous cones and a caldera that stretches 17 square miles there is plenty to do and see.  Our favorite part, besides the 54,000 acre lakes, was the amazing obsidian lava flow that made its own mountain inside the caldera. Definitely worth a visit if you get a chance.  Check out our fun photos and feel free to hit us up if you see any jewels you can't live without. 
Also a big thank you to the lovely Epstein family for sharing your time with us.  It is one of our greatest joys to get to spend time with friends all around the country. 
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