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A year in the life of Joyride

It's January and we're filled with excitement for all the amazing unknown possibilities that the new year holds for us.  We always enjoy reflecting on the past year, finding it to be a good reminder of just how lucky we are to live this creative life.  We've had another successful year of making and selling jewelry.  Of course we couldn't thrive without the support of you and all those who love and appreciate what we create.  We took some chances in our business this past year and decided to pursue some ideas that we had been ruminating on for quite some time.  Those ideas finally came to fruition this past year and they've been well worth the effort. 

In 2018... 

We re-branded our business, serious taboo for a decade old business.  We became Joyride Jewelry.  The change has felt right from the beginning and we are so glad we took the leap to make it happen! 

We launched a new website!  That's been a long time coming and seemed to be perfect timing with the name change and our re-branding effort.  We are so happy with the outcome and all the hard work that went into making a website that we are proud of. 


We created and hand crafted over 30 new designs in the studio this past year!  We continually strive to push ourselves to imagine new possibilities and ways in which we can push the boundaries of using vintage car parts to create our jewelry. We want to keep our work fresh and exciting not only for our customers but also for us.  The joy of being an artist is in the imagination, the fabrication, and the creation of each piece and being able to give life to those forms and thoughts.  This does not come without considerable time and conscious effort that we put into our creative venture on a daily basis.  We are so lucky to love what we do everyday.  

We traveled to and participated in several top tiered juried art shows this past year in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Oregon, and Colorado.  We had amazingly successful shows at each one of those stops and had the honor of selling and sharing our jewelry.  We met so many wonderful people and saw a lot of amazing things along the way.  Travelling is a perk of what we do and this year we were lucky enough to pay homage to 6 State Parks, 3 National Monuments, and 2 National Parks. 

We brought on a new member to join in the adventures of Joyride Jewelry...Pearl! We are so thrilled to have a dog along for the ride in our life again.  The timing was finally right for us (It's been over 4 years since we lost our last one) and we are so glad we decided to take a chance and open our hearts to that love again. She makes us both laugh and smile countless times a day and forces us to take a break from the studio for playtime.  What a joy she is to have around.  

I'd say it's been a hell of a good ride in 2018 and we're ready for another one in 2019.  Are you? ENJOY THE RIDE!


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