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A 69 Ford Maverick - our recent junkyard find & the jewelry we've made with it
(old Ford Maverick sales brochure)

 We're in love with one of our recent junkyard finds, a vermillion red 69 Ford Maverick.

The Ford Maverick was first released in 1969, exactly 5 years after the Mustang was introduced.  It's design was extremely basic and so was the price selling at $1995.  Originally sold as a 2 door economy sports coupe, it was essentially a restyling of the Mustang featuring the same long hood, fastback roof and short deck.  It was sold and marketed as a practical, small vehicle and aimed to compete with other compact cars among the gas crisis.  The Maverick was one of Ford's most successful cars as it out sold the Mustang by 1970. 

The Maverick logo was designed to resemble a long horned cow head taken after the word maverick which described unbranded range animals.  Exterior paint colors included puns such as Thanks Vermillion, Anti-Establish Mint, Hula Blue along with more typical names like Raven Black, Meadowlark Yellow and Candyapple Red.

(old Ford Maverick sales brochure)

 Below is a small collection of jewelry we've made so far using the 69 Ford Maverick we found.  As always, the original car paint is still intact.  You can view all our available jewelry made from this and other vintage cars here.

 Thanks Vermillion!

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