“We build a connection to people by working with vintage cars. Our jewelry reminds our collectors of their first car, their first love, their first driving adventure.”

--Pyper and Jarrod

Pyper Hugos and Jarrod Eastman grew up just 45 minutes apart in households brimming with art and music. They studied at the same university, but their paths didn’t cross until years – and miles – after graduation. Jarrod was visiting a friend in Granada, Spain, when he read a poem he saw lying in his friend’s apartment. He was instantly captivated by the poet’s artistry and unique point of view. Jarrod met the writer herself a few days later, and he and Pyper have been adding new stanzas to their own love poem ever since.

They spent the next month travelling together in Spain and Morocco, writing and drawing in their journals whilst envisioning what they would do next. They knew they wanted to build a life that would give them the freedom to create – but their first task was to find the place to do it. When they returned to the U.S., they spent a summer living in an RV, traveling from mountain town to mountain town, exploring, backpacking, and making art. Once they rolled into Bozeman, Montana, they knew they were home. 

They lived in Bozeman for 20 years, turned the dream of vintage car jewelry into a reality, savored the beauty around them, and then made a move to keep the artist dream alive. They sold prized possessions and put everything on the line to find that next special place that would have a shop they could continue to grow and thrive in.

Now Pyper and Jarrod travel together, play together, and together hand-make every piece of JoyRide Jewelry in Mancos, CO. In their studio overlooking Mesa Verde, they pass each piece back and forth, sharing inspiration, engineering ideas, and artistry, strengthening their connection with each other, their collectors, and their unique materials. Always remembering it's the journey not the destination that is the goal.

Enjoy the Ride!