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The Driving Decision Behind Rebranding our Business

The Driving Decision Behind Rebranding our Business 

When I started this business 10 years ago I had no idea I would be where I'm at today, that I would own a successful business that supports my family and my dreams.  I wanted to be an artist making a living with my own two hands, thank god I was young and excited and I went for it.  I had no formal training or education as an artist, I never thought I'd become a jeweler but to my utter surprise it was working.  Suddenly I was running a full time business and among all the unknown things I had to learn and accomplish to move forward, I needed a name.  I didn't put a whole lot of thought into this process, I didn't think about how the name I chose would be around for the long haul or how it would define me and my business.  The one thing I knew I wanted out of a name was for it to be fun, catchy and memorable and that's how I arrived on the word Mojo.  I had to get creative with my domain name so I settled on You Got Mojo and ran with it.  Now I was able to focus on the task of getting to work designing and making a line of jewelry out of old car parts.

 As time went on I realized I didn't like the name I had settled on.  While I liked what Mojo conveyed it didn't feel like it was telling the story of who I was and what I did, there was no personal connection.  The fact of the matter was that both myself and my business had changed and matured over the years and I felt my name needed to change to reflect that evolution.

 We threw ideas around for years before we struck on one that seemed fitting.

 Joyride Jewelry, finally a name that had it all.  It hints at the story of what we do, it's fun and it has personal meaning behind it.  My middle name is Joy, named after my grandmother Joyce.  A talented musician who I was lucky to grow up knowing, who gave us a business loan all those years ago to help us realize our dream. I'm so glad that she has been a part of this creative journey.  The past is always a gateway to the future and I thank everyone who has taken part in getting us to where we are today.

 We are absolutely thrilled about our new name. It feels right and we are so glad that we took the plunge to make the change.

We hope you'll join us on the ride as we continue to grow and thrive with the drive to bring you the best, original line of jewelry made using vintage cars.


Grandma Joyce as a young girl in Kansas

Grandma Joyce and Pyper Joy

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