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The evolution of a 71 International pickup - from the junkyard to jewelry
 (our recent junkyard find - a 71 International pickup)

  Ah the quintessential pickup truck, designed and built to work.  It's not sexy, it's not sleek and it's not fast but an old pickup truck is classic and full of nostalgia. Pickup trucks are laden with moxie and represent an American way of life, one that is full of grit, determination, toughness and adventure.  After all, who doesn't love an old pickup for its simple, straightforward practicality?  

 The International Harvester Company, founded in 1902, was well know for manufacturing farm equipment.  This company produced more than just agricultural machinery, they were producers of construction and industrial equipment, passenger vehicles for both personal and public transport as well as household and commercial products.

 International  Harvester made light lines of pickup trucks from 1907-1975 and were ahead of the game as the innovators to the modern pickup truck, producing one of the first 4 door crewcab trucks of its time.

 The 1971 International pickup that we recently salvaged from the junkyard was a workhorse for Montana.  The great seal of the State of Montana, faded by years of baking in the sun, could still be seen on the SchoolBus Yellow doors.  Production for this line of International light duty truck began in 1969 and ended without replacement in 1975 as International moved their focus on the Scout and production of heavier machinery.

 (Jarrod cutting up the International hood) 




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