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Re-purposed Jewelry - Why we recycle and does it matter?
 (Pyper in the junkyard checking out the patina of an old bat wing hood)

We make all our jewelry out of vintage car metal and have been doing so since 2008.  We go to the junkyard and search for cars with unique colors and patinas and take those pieces and parts home to deconstruct.  People are always commenting on the fact that we recycle, and yes we are recycling, but the main appeal to us is the fabulous untapped materials that exist in the junkyards.  The history and story behind these old car parts contain more life than any new object.

We have always been into refurbished or re-purposed materials.  Partly because we love the look and the mystery of old, worn things but also because it makes sense to us.  Using what you have to make something new or maintaining something old because it's still useful seems quite honorable in our minds.  In our culture there is such a push for the newest, latest, greatest things that our time worn objects laden with essence and history get put to the way side.  These days our busy lifestyles tend to not afford us the time to maintain or cherish items that still have life; if only with a little TLC.

Kokoro is a Japanese word that is hard to translate in English but can be described as the unification of Mind, Body, and Spirit. We believe that when taking the time to honor and give new life to old things you are creating Kokoro. We recycle, and in the act of creation the work unifies our mind and body while the history and essence in each piece we make brings our spirit closer together. We recycle and we make art because it gives us Kokoro. We recycle because it brings us closer to a oneness with the Earth and ultimately the universe. We recycle to maintain history, to reuse what is already there, to not waste what can be re-purposed. Ultimately the debate over whether recycling is worth it economically doesn't matter to us, because it is worth it to us. 

Why do you recycle or not? Purpose or re-purpose? It may matter in the end.


     Taking this 1959 International pickup home to turn into jewelry!
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