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A 65 Ford Econoline SuperVan - from the junkyard to jewelry
 (our junkyard find - a 65 Ford Econoline Super Van)

I remember spotting this old van from afar the day we were scouring the junkyard for metal. You really can't miss a turquoise Econoline "Super Van" (measuring 185.5" in overall length) sitting forlornly in the field. We're always on the hunt for the old quintessential turquoise vehicles and this was a giant turquoise gem just waiting to be unearthed and given new life. Lucky for us the Econoline Vans came equipped with several cargo doors so we got to work pulling one off. We wanted to get it back to the studio and get it cut up so we could see if this beautiful old turquoise paint could withstand being crafted into jewelry.

 (Junkyard shot of the 65 Ford Econoline Super Van)

The first generation of the Ford Econoline Van was in production from 1961-1967. With its flat nose, cab over design and engine located between the seats, this was unlike any truck Ford had put out before.

 (Jarrod & Pearl checking out the 65 Ford Econoline Super Van)

 Built as a light duty work truck, the Ford Econoline Van was a popular work utility vehicle. Because this van was inexpensive to maintain and operate it was commonly used throughout the decade as a service and installation vehicle. The cab over design, which positioned the front seats above the front axle, allowed for ample cargo space by providing a flattened load floor. The multiple door options were appealing as they allowed for ease and time saving when it came to loading and unloading. The options ranged from the 2 door pickup and either a 4, 6 or 8 door van (with or without windows).

 In its first year of production Ford offered the Econoline Van in 3 different body styles - a pickup, a cargo van and a passenger van. By 1962 the passenger van was absorbed into the Ford Falcon line as a passenger vehicle and the pickup ended production in 1967.  The delivery van continued on the production line and in 1964 Econoline released a new model, the Panel Van. The 4 door Panel van was basically a standard van without the side cargo doors. In 1965 the Econoline Super Van was introduced and included an 18' body extension behind the rear axle providing 8 1/2 feet of flat load space.

 (Jarrod with one of the 65 Ford Econoline Super Van cargo doors)

 (one of the 65 Ford Econoline Super Van cargo doors ready to cut and turn into jewelry)


 (Jarrod cutting one of the 65 Ford Econoline Super Van cargo doors)
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