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The connection is as important as the art. Live or online.
We make friends and then friends become like family. We have been lucky to meet collectors at festivals who came back year after year, they became friends. We'd chat about life, maybe they'd buy jewelry again; maybe not. We loved that connection, we loved seeing those familiar faces. That was the benefit of doing festivals, you got to see people in person, you got to chat and hear stories which would prompt others to join in and share their stories; it was part of the joy of making and selling our art.

We were a bit nervous in making the transition to selling online, scared that it might not work, scared we'd lose that connection. We are happy to say it still exists, it's different but it's still there. It makes us happy to see people enjoying their jewelry and sharing a bit of themselves with us. It makes us smile and it makes others smile to see and be apart of that too. It creates culture and community.
You are all a part of that for us.

Thank you. 
Meet Jacqueline and Kris, both of them rocking some Joyride Jewelry and sharing a little piece of themselves with us. We met Jacqueline and her husband at an art festival, they have entertained us with pictures of cool cars they see and an occasional photo shoot, always bringing a smile to our face. Kris recently made a special request for some earrings to match her car and then shared with us one of her passions, hot rods and hot rodding. Once again bringing a smile to our faces, you should of seen the burnouts. It's always cool to see you, our collectors, and our friends wearing your jewelry. It's always fascinating to hear your stories. Thank you both for sharing yourselves with us, it makes us feel special. We would love to hear more... please share your stories, share your photos, you are all a part of what we do. Without that connection we just make things in our studio, that connection makes it something bigger.
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