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On the hunt in the junkyard
 (Jarrod with the 55 Jeep Willys we found)


Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing, the days are cool and it's a great time to go the junkyard that is. Last week we threw on our boots and headed down the road to our favorite junkyard to see what new materials we could find to turn into jewelry. We spent hours walking and climbing around, making our way through the maze of hundreds of old cars lying in the field.
(Pyper on the hunt in the junkyard)
The adventure of the hunt is always exciting as we are on the lookout for something that sparks our attention. It's easy to get distracted looking at all the discarded beauty lying around. We almost always end up bringing home more than we planned on. We start out with a list of specific colors we want (red, black, turquoise) but we usually find something we didn't even know we needed.
(Jarrod on the hunt in the junkyard)
The piece that got us this time was off a 59 Chevy El Camino. The patina was too beautiful to resist, this old car had been painted more than once and the layers of colors were calling to us.
 (The 59 El Camino we snagged...look at that patina!)
With an entire afternoon of hunting under our belts we were tired and dirty but excited about our finds. We pulled panels off of 9 different vehicles that we will eventually cut up and hopefully turn into jewelry. We're never quite sure that what we bring home will work out, the paint might completely chip off as we start working with a panel that we took from the junkyard and we won't be able to use it. So far we're in luck with the panel we took off a 1955 red Jeep Willys station wagon. We've been cutting it up and it's making some beautiful red jewelry so far.
  (Jarrod cutting up the 55 Jeep Willys we found)
(Jewelry we've made using the 55 Jeep Willys we found)
We're excited to get all the car parts that we brought home cut up. We look forward to seeing what jewelry will be inspired by each one and we look forward to sharing them with you. Stay tuned for jewelry made with all our recent junkyard finds...
75 Ford F100 pickup
51 Ford pickup
61 Ford Falcon
73 Plymouth Satellite
80 Audi 5000
55 Jeep Willy station wagon
59 Chevy El Camino
86 Ford Bronco
58 Dodge D100 pickup 
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