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17 Years Making Jewelry As Joyride!

As we move into the 17th year of making Joyride Jewelry what it is today, we can’t help but reflect on the past. So much has happened to get us here today. So many trials and tribulations, so many relationships and experiences, so many people that have helped, encouraged, and sustained us over these 17 years. It truly has been an amazing journey and we have so much to be grateful for. Makes us think we should write a book (put that on the list…lol).


To begin with, we thought maybe we should reintroduce ourselves and what Joyride Jewelry really is. Through the years we have created a brand, one that often gets mistaken for being a larger company than it is. That is by design and can be attributed to our past experiences, our creativity and vision, as well as our business education. We always knew we wanted to do our own thing. That idea took many shapes and forms over the years and led us to the present. We won awards for a business plan to open a tomato farm, had ideas of opening a dog wash, and started a recycled home decor business, but we always knew our hearts were filled with the desire to be artists. Ultimately the path led us to Joyride Jewelry. 


So what is Joyride Jewelry?  Literally all Joyride Jewelry is, is a husband and wife team making jewelry in their home studio in Mancos, CO. (previously in Bozeman, MT). We thrive on being creative, our hearts and minds are filled by it. We have always known that building a business would be about making hard choices on the direction to take our business. There have been many times we thought we could grow or make this business into something bigger than it is, but we always go back to the idea of hand made craft and being artists. To make this into something bigger than it is, would mean we would lose the essence of being artists. So we make small batch jewelry and maintain a circle of collectors which we call Joyriders (that’s you) that have collected our work and give us the ability to maintain this personal relationship of artist and collector. It gives us enough space and time to be the creative team we love to be. It gives us a community and the threads of this connection are strong.


In a world filled with billions of people we have relied on under 10,000 special collectors to make our dreams of being artists come true. You have given our jewelry as gifts, you have enjoyed growing your collection, you have seen the uniqueness that is our creativity, without you we are alone, you make us artists. We have produced around 20,000 pieces of jewelry in our 17 years of making Joyride Jewelry. So if you ever see someone else wearing Joyride know that person is part of a special group of collectors that makes Joyride possible.


This story is still in the making. We are forever grateful for this connection we have with you.  We are always thrilled to show you the next amazing piece of artwork we come up with. We look forward to the evolution of the next 20 years. With each passing year this becomes bigger than just the two of us making jewelry in our studio. This becomes a story for all of us to share and be a part of. Thanks for coming on this ride with us. We know you all have a story besides just being Joyriders and you often share those stories with us. That connection is so important, that connection makes this community bigger than we know.  It fills our hearts. Keep sharing with us.


Pyper and Jarrod of Joyride Jewelry

Pyper and Jarrod with their 1974 Bronco

Telluride Blues and Brewfest Joyride Jewelry Booth

Telluride Blues and Brews Booth shot

A collector with Pyper in Scottsdale

Pyper and a collector in Scottsdale, AZ

Pyper inspecting some material

Pyper inspecting a truck in the desert!

Jarrod in the Junkyard

Jarrod in the Junkyard in Livingston Montana

pyper in the junkyard

Pyper in the Junkyard





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